Genome Tagged Mice (GTM): A congenic library resource

University of California at Los Angeles

The GTM represent a set of congenic mouse strains with introgressed DNA segments of about 30 cM spanning the genome.

               For a  detailed Introduction to the GTM, click here .

            Construction of the GTM is described in Iakoubova et al.
           Characteristics of the B6.DBA congenics are described in Davis et al., 2005
           Characteristics of the B6.CAST congenics are described in Davis et al., 2007

    For most GTM strains, we have developed homozygous breeding stocks.
    It is our aim to make these GTM strains available to the scientific community.
            Strains at JAX
            Strains at UCLA

    To allow investigators to identify the most suitable strains for their work, we have created a searchable database that contains the marker parameters for each GTM strain.
        To Search the GTM Database, click here.

    To receive updates regarding availability of the GTM strains or for questions about the strains or database:
    Contact     Dr. Richard C. Davis, Ph.D.     Or    Dr. Aldons J. Lusis

(Last Edited 12/12/2007)