UCLA Core Facilities

Located in the Department of Human Genetics

Bioinformatics Core Facility
The Bioinformatics Core maintains state-of-the-art computing resources for genetic studies: software library, computational cluster, storage array (replicated off-site), and public & private, web & database servers.
Cellular Bioenergetics Core
The Seahorse Bioscience XF24-3 is a unique instrument that allows quantitation of cellular energetic pathways in cultured cells and isolated mitochondria in real time. The XF24-3 quantifies the activity of the two major energy-yielding pathways in the cell, mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis.
DNA Microarray Core Facility
The Core provides user access to DNA microarray and next generation sequencing technologies in order to permit individual labs to have access to broad-based genome-scale analytical tools.
UCLA Neuroscience Genomics Core (UNGC)
A sequencing, genotyping and Gene expression resource for academic labs in the Southern California region and beyond, the UNGC has been created to offer academic researchers the highest quality custom snp genotyping, whole genome genotyping, whole genome gene expression screens and sequencing services at the lowest possible cost.