Be Part of the Future of Medicine!

The UCLA Department of Human Genetics serves as the hub of human genetics research at the UCLA School of Medicine. As noted on the Faculty section of our web site, our dedicated faculty members are investigating a wide range of diseases that impact the lives of millions. Each and everyday they enthusiastically return to their clinics and laboratories with a singular thought: How can we apply what we have learned yesterday to benefit humanity today and in the future?

Many times unconventional research methods are required to unearth discoveries thus private support will allow us to react immediately, without hesitation due to financial restriction, to promising clues. To hasten the pace of medical genetic discovery, the Department has established the UCLA Department Of Human Genetics Research Fund.

When you support the UCLA Department Of Human Genetics Research Fund, you will be sent an annual report detailing the progress of our research as well as important educational information. This information will also be available on our Internet site where your gift will be acknowledged, with your kind permission. Gifts are categorized by size, as we respectfully acknowledge that 100% of all donations support human genetics research. Your generosity will be deeply honored and will make a difference.

We offer a variety of ways for visionary donors to partner with us. Please click here to download and print our donation form.

Please make your tax-deductible contributions payable to: The UCLA Foundation and mail to the address below.

UCLA Medical Sciences Development
c/o The UCLA Department of Human Genetics Research Fund
10945 Le Conte Avenue, Suite 3132
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1784

Or contact:

UCLA Science Development Office
10945 Le Conte Avenue, Suite 3132
Box 951784
Los Angeles, California 90095-1784
phone: (310) 794-4746
fax: (310) 206-3942