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SimWalk2: Additional Resources and References

Additional Resources:

The program Mega2, used to convert LINKAGE-format locus, pedigree, map and penetrance files to the MENDEL-format used by SimWalk2, is available from <>. Mega2 can also be used to coordinate the use of precomputed NPL scores by SimWalk2.

Version 3.35 of the general pedigree analysis package
MENDEL, used by SimWalk2 to generate location scores, may be obtained from Dr. Kenneth Lange at the addresses below. Note that SimWalk2 uses version 3.35 of MENDEL, not version 4 or later.

e-mail: <>
WWW: <>
mail: Kenneth Lange
Department of Human Genetics
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7088 USA
tel: +1-310-206-8076.

The Windows program
Cyrillic, used to draw out overall haplotype vectors, may be found at <>.

The MacOS program Pedigree/Draw, used to draw out overall haplotype vectors, may be obtained from The Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research at <>.

Other haplotype drawing programs designed to work with SimWalk2 include HaploPainter <> and Madeline <>.


If you publish results generated by SimWalk2, then please cite the Sobel and Lange (1996) article from the following reference list.

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