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SimWalk2: Sampling Analysis and Set-up Output Files

Sampling Analysis

The MODEL-nn.mmm files contain the number of simulated pedigrees requested in batch item #20 for each original pedigree. These output pedigrees are fully typed at all requested marker loci and are sampled in proportion to their likelihood conditioned on all designated marker data.

The IBD-nn.mmm, IBD09-nn.mmm, and IBD15-nn.mmm files contain the IBD sharing probabilities, and IKEF-nn.mmm contains the simple IBD probabilities and the conditional kinship coefficients, averaged over all the output pedigrees, similar to the IBD analysis output files.

The XOVER-nn.ALL file contains the observed and expected number of crossovers found in this analysis. Also, the resulting p-value for each marker interval recombination fraction is reported.


The SETUP-nn.ALL file contains the minimum parameter values that may be used for the referenced set of data files.

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